Kin Kin is Gone Gone; Now Bite by Eddy T is Open on Oak Lawn Avenue #VIPeek

The restaurant formerly known as Kin Kin but now known as Bite, which was a restaurant in Fort Worth that closed, but not the Kin Kin in Fort Worth, because that one’s still kickin’, is open… as Bite now… on Oak Lawn Avenue in Dallas. And there may or may not be more Kins or […]

Sneak Peek: Pakpao is OPEN in Preston Hollow Village!

Good news, Thai food fans: Pakpao is OPEN in Preston Hollow Village! You read that right. The much-anticipated second location of Pakpao Thai with chef Jet Tila leading the kitchen has finally, quietly, yet very stylishly opened for dinner Friday night in Preston Hollow Village off Walnut Hill and 75. They’re starting dinner service with a limited […]

Don’t Just Drive on by. Eat at Malai! #ThaiMeUp

If there’s one thing you need to know about Malai, it’s that it will likely surprise you. Tucked into the West Village shopping area in Uptown, it looks a bit unassuming. The patio is sweet, inside it’s often bustling with shoppers stopping in for a midday respite or a post-shopping trip bite before heading home. […]

Crushin’ on CrushCraft Thai Street Eats

  A few of weeks ago I visited CrushCraft Thai Street Eats in Uptown. This place replaced the Baker Bros. sandwich place where the workers at The Quadrangle (including myself, I must admit) had been forced to eat when time was of the essence. Luckily, CrushCraft is a far, far better option. Like, I’d rather […]

A New Take on Brunch at Malai

Brunch is my favorite meal. Its relaxed pace, appreciation for carbs and mix of sweet and savory options just make my day. So when I heard that Malai Kitchen, a fusion restaurant in the West Village, was offering brunch, I was intrigued. I hadn’t made it over there though, before the folks at Malai invited […]

Pakpao Makes Sundays Less Sucky, More Suki

Last weekend, we were treated to an experience like none other at Pakpao in the Design District. Suki Sundays at Pakpao is a communal meal that begs to be enjoyed with friends. I only wish you could smell the aromas through your computer or mobile device right now. Suki Sundays starts with a $9.95 price […]

Sakhuu Kinda Sucked #EatingEastDallas

I wanted to like Sakhuu. I really did. I love Thai food from Tea to Tom Kha by way of Panang, but what I found at the new, very pretty Sakhuu on Bryan was disappointment at every turn. Aside from super friendly staff, a great space and decent ambiance, Everything I put in my mouth […]