FEAST Portland Here I Come

It’s time to FEAST! Starting Thursday, I’ll be heading to FEAST Portland. What is it? It’s like the New York Food & Wine Festival of Portland. So, like the more hippie version, I suppose. I’ve been dying to go and this is my first time, but I’m more excited to share my virgin trip to […]

Top 5 Reasons to #SaveChefJohn on @BravoTopChef and #SaveTesaring!

1) Because: Tesaring! 2) We’re Texans, and we fuckin’ stick together, y’all. Let’s collectively put a boot in Colicchio’s ass, or something. 3) Spoon is effing delicious and Tesar is actually a really nice guy. I can personally vouch for this. 4) Cat fights between Tesar and Valentine are more fun to watch than a couple […]