The Stars Align at @NovaDallas in Oak Cliff

The space that now houses Nova was once a Dairy Queen, but its current state is light years away. The wine list, beer list and cocktails are all well-selected. The staff was incredibly friendly and eager to make us feel welcomed.


While we waited about ten minutes for a table, I ordered the refreshing sipper pictured above, the Cassanova (get it?), a creation made of gin, St. Germaine, mint, basil and swagger.


Another tablemate ordered the Chevy Nova, made of just two ingredients: a can of PBR, and a shot of Rot Gut Bourbon.

Self-proclaimed an gastropub, that for the purposes of this space-themed review I am revising to “astropub,” Nova has an array of different creations that are all modern delicious interpretations of the original.


The garlicky hummus, pictured above post-dip, was accompanied by a delicious salad of ripe, seasoned tomatoes, basil, cucumbers and a vinaigrette.


The veggie enchilada stack was spicy and interesting, with a sort of unidentifyable red sauce that was still quite tasty. It wasn’t the star dish, but it was solid.


The pizza with four meats was…meaty-looking. I don’t eat very many of those meats, so I tried a bit of crust. It was soft, garlicky and well-seasoned. I’d come back for a different pie for sure.


I ordered this chopped salad with chicken. It was a great mingle of Asian flavors, spicy and crunchy with peanuts, cabbage and mint leaves. And my aversion to the vile weed that is cilantro was just fine at Nosh, where they create their salads fresh each time they’re ordered. Mine came refreshingly cilantro-free.


The night ended at the Kessler Theater with the vocal stylings of Sarah Jaffe. A solid end to an astronomical night.

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  1. One more plus for Nova: our server was excellent! He was friendly, attentive and just super happy to take care of us! I didn’t catch his name but he looks a little Elvis Costello-y. You’ll know who I mean when you go. So go!

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