I’ve said this on the Twitters before, but just in case you didn’t catch it, it’s very important that you understand that MAX’s Wine Dive serves BRUNCH ON FRIDAY, SATURDAY AND SUNDAY. I said Friday. That means you can have brunch, and go back to work with a smile on your face and a mimosa in your belly. On a Friday. Why the fuck hasn’t anyone else thought of that before? Incredible.

A couple of weeks ago, MAX’s hosted a media lunch/brunch wherein we were all treated to the best of the best of the brunch menu. Or all of it. And Max’s doesn’t do restraint. We’re talking giant bacon slices that are almost sexual in nature (and this is coming from a non-bacon eater, mind you), a Hangover Pot Pie that has everything you love about breakfast in one giant ramekin, their famous stack of red velvet pancakes (or the “RVP”), and why not: a waffle topped with a fucking chicken fried steak. Yeah, that.

Let’s take a look at the food that will haunt your dreams, shall we?

Max's Wine Dive Freshly Squeezed Orange Juice
Max’s Wine Dive Freshly Squeezed Orange Juice

 Hung over or not, this perfect glass of OJ will perk you up. If that doesn’t do the job, treat yourself to a mimosa made in the orange or grapefruit variety, or coffee.

Cinnamon Roll at Max's
Cinnamon Roll at Max’s

MAX doesn’t screw around when it comes to cinnamon rolls. Pictured above is one third of the deliciously buttery version that comes in an order. They bake them fresh in-house and cover them with royal icing, too.

Wild Mushroom & Goat Cheese Omelet at Max's Wine Dive
Wild Mushroom & Goat Cheese Omelet

Ah! An omelet! That’s perfectly normal, right? You only think so. Remember what I said about restraint? First of all this omelet is HUGE, and it’s stuffed with Spicer’s mushrooms, watercress and Caprino Royale (though I’m not sure what that is). Then they serve it with a side of addictive jalapeno cheddar grits. Hello!

Hangover Pot Pie at Max's Wine Dive
Hangover Pot Pie

Pot pie for breakfast? Why the hell not, right? The pie you see above (ain’t she a beaut?!) was the mini portion served to all us media to keep us from dying right there of heart failure in the restaurant. The full-sized version is just what you’d expect from Max’s. Huge and ridiculous. But perhaps good for sharing. This baby was filled with homefries, collard greens, MAX’s cream sauce, provolone, a fried egg (the full-sizer comes with two eggs) and of course, all that sexy bacon.

The Fried Egg Sandwich at MAX's Wine Dive
The Fried Egg Sandwich

I am a total sucker for a fried egg sandwich. If it’s on your menu, odds are I’m ordering it. This one was a serious contender, with melted gruyere, butter lettuce and a thick slice of tomato with bacon on sourdough. My issue with this sandwich is my personal distaste for truffle oil. The sandwich gets hit with the stuff twice: once as a drizzle over the eggs, and again in the form of black truffle aioli. If you like truffle oil, this sandwich will make your day. And if they can make me a version without all that truffle business, it’d make mine.

Chicken Fried Steak & Waffles at MAX's Wine Dive
Chicken Fried Steak & Waffles

I had to show you the full-sized version of this brunch monstrosity, and I use that term lovingly. This was damn good. MAX, that crazy bastard, take a sirloin steak and fries it chicken style. Then he tops a Belgian-style waffle with it and pours whit gravy and maple syrup on top. Holy wow.

Chicken Fried Steak & Waffles at MAX's Wine Dive
Chicken Fried Steak & Waffle Bite

This was my portion. I ate the whole damn thing even though I was already full to the brim. Fun fact: this baby is only available in Dallas. At MAX’s other locations, different insane specials appear. Try them all, you gluttons for glut!

Wagyu Steak & Eggs at MAX's Wine Dive
Wagyu Steak & Eggs

Pictured above is the full-size portion of MAX’s Wagyu Steak & Eggs. As I’ve said before, MAX does not screw around. This was damn good. Served with a whopping nine ounces of steak, two eggs any style with homefries, piquillo pepper jam and Texas toast. Yeehaw!

Red Velvet Pancakes at MAX's Wine Dive
Red Velvet Pancakes

What’s red, white and makes you OMG? The RVP, or red velvet pancakes, at MAX’s. I’m not even a huge red velvet fan, but these babies, topped with a dollop of lemon cream cheese frosting, won me over. Plus, they’re HUGE and everyone in the restaurant will look at you when they come out. I once saw a young man attempt to eat an entire plate of these. And though I wish to heaven above that I had his metabolism, even he couldn’t get through the entire stack on his own. But then again, that’s what friends are for.

Next time you need a little pick-me-up-then-knock-me-down on a Saturday, Sunday or Friday, head to MAX’s where they’ll treat you right. And call me, because I’m happy to join you for some yum.

MAX’s Wine Dive  |  3600 McKinney Ave #101  |


NOTE: Big, giant, RVP-sized thanks to the folks at MAX’s and Big Ink PR for having us out that lovely Friday. As I said, this was a media lunch and hence it was free to all in attendance. That being said, upon hearing about brunch on Fridays, I’d actually already ventured to MAX’s for brunch about a month prior, which proves I’d go of my own free will and on my own dime. Free lunch or not, I wouldn’t lie to you about the over-the-top tasty that is brunch at MAX’s. But don’t go here if you’re on a diet. That’s your own damn fault.


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