In case you don’t know, I moved to East Dallas just over a year ago. Because I plan to live in the area for many happy years, I become overwhelmingly ecstatic when something awesome happens there. Cases in point: White Rock Marathon reroutes so I can escape to brunch, Cane Rosso White Rock OMG, badass new YMCA sometime this centry!, possible Central Market (rumor alert)!

And now, The LOT, a new restaurant/bar/hangout/awesomesauce place that was formerly the Beach Bar. Since my Food Bastard is a member of the Y, we were invited to attend a little preview dinner (which is an adorably neighborhood-y thing to do if you ask me), and so we went, Saturday night.

Items of note:

The sign for this place is large and in charge, y’all. Bright green is wow. You will not miss this place as you drive down the street, unless you are blind, and then what the fuck are you doing driving a car?

The interior was a bit underwhelming to me. The lights were too dim (you know how I like to take well-lit photos of my food items), in a too-romantic-for-a-familyish-place kind of way. And the decor, despite being designed by the team behind Tei An, Sissy’s and FT33, was a bit down-scale, dare I say fast-casual restaurant-esque. A little too much barn red and corrugated steel for me. But honestly these are minor complaints; the place looked fine and everything else was great.

The exterior is fabulous. Picnic tables on a heated porch, lots of greenery, a play area for kids and another for adults, tons and tons of outdoor seating and pretty lights strung all around. It’s a party waiting to happen.

The food was solid to great. We tried a few things (the deal for the night was we could order anything on the menu and some select beverages and pay just $15 per person), including the turkey meatloaf sandwich (lightened up without bacon, cheese or mayo), the half chicken (a tad greasy but very moist with great flavor, it came with a delicious bowl of salad), baked kale chips (which I want to like but need to stop ordering because the greasiness of them makes me feel unhealthy which is the opposite of the point of eating kale), the papadum (which came with a gorgeous green chutney unfortunately chock full of cilantro), a frozen marg (which was perfection) and the Lakewood Lemonade (Maker’s, lemonade, ginger and mint). It was a bit too much food, but considering I wanted to take a bite out of just about everything on the menu, we actually showed considerable restraint. My only regret was skipping dessert, which features Carnival Barker ice cream and somethin’ ’bout a skillet. Sold. Good thing I plan to practically live here from now on.

Drinky things: Extremely fun fact: “When it rains we pour.” In other words, on rainy days, draft Bud Light and Miller Lite and well drinks are just $3. How sweet is that? Oh and regular happy hour hours are 3-7 M-F. Hello, $4 margs!

On my next trip, I plan to try their fresh juices ($6 each) which you can get spiked with Tito’s, rum or other spirits for $2. I’ll likely check out the fried cauliflower, the steak salad, the biscuits, and the next time I am feeling indulgent, that wagyu tongue sandwich is seriously calling my name. OH, and dessert of course.

Go East Dallas! And go try out The LOT! It opens today.

See below for some (dimly lit–HINT HINT) photos.

The LOT  |  7530 East Grand Avenue  |

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