Things I like: brunch & events with charity components.

So when I saw a note from Adam Saxton of Pinkberry and North Texas Food Bank fame about this Sunday’s special brunch at Acme F&B, my brain saw this:

  1. BRUNCH!
  2. Acme F&B!
  3. NTFB!

If you are likeminded to me and you think those three things are pretty awesome, here’s what you need to know: This Sunday, in order to help showcase the new brunch service at Acme F&B (which I believe started last weekend), they’re hosting a get-together (with the NTFB’s young professionals group AKA Round Table) wherein everybody who orders brunch there that day equals a dollar donation to the NTFB. That’s three meals worth. And the brunch menu looks fantastic, too. Particularly the chicken hash with a sunny-side up egg, and the pancakes with tuaca butter. Hold. The. Phone. Prices are quite nice ($3-$8), so you’ll have some money left over to order up a boozy brunch cocktail accompaniment. Score. I’m looking at El Diablo, a concoction involving tequila, red currant and ginger ale. Yes please.

As a bonus, you can take your tipsy ass to and from brunch using Uber with a special 20% discount when you use promo code “roundtable.”

So, just to recap:

Sunday, November 18 from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. | special menu, reduced price drinks, heated patio, Uber discount.

Hoping to see you there in support of two great causes: The NTFB and everybody’s favorite meal — BRUNCH!

Acme F&B  |  4900 McKinney Avenue  |

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