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Hello, brunch lovers.

Sound the horns once again! For Belly & Trumpet will begin serving brunch this Sunday from 11-3. Huzzah!

I don’t know if you know this, but I really, really love brunch. Like, REALLY. I love everything about it. The lazy pace, the day drinking, the espresso drinks and most of all, the food. From French toast to smoked salmon to that perfectly over medium fried egg. Toast, hashbrowns, breakfast tacos, whatever. I want it all. And you know B&T is going to throw down a brunch gauntlet that will raise the bar in a big way. It’s enough to write poetry about.

So speaking of poetry, may I present a haiku:

Belly and Trumpet

Now a place to eat brunch and–

look at that French toast!

Menu highlights (meaning, things I want to put in my mouth right this minute) include:

French Toast, Apple, Maple Syrup ($9, pictured at left)

Smoked Salmon, Fennel, Potato, Egg Hollandaise ($11)

Hanger Steak Kim Chee Omelette, Spring Onion ($14)


Belly & Trumpet  |  3407 McKinney Avenue  |

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