Yesterday, the folks at One Arts Plaza hosted a free block party with live music, cocktail competitions, tons of vendors, dogs for adoption plus samples and food for sale. Here’s what you missed if you didn’t make it over there.


The view when I walked in. Intimidating, isn’t it? But then I saw the knitted hats (I assume they were for dogs) and I felt relaxed. These folks clearly don’t judge.


This pizza from Jack’s Southern Comfort is only a slight upgrade from what you used to eat in middle school cafeteria. They just subbed the tiny cubes of meat-like substance for basil. But you can’t judge a place by what it sells for $2.50 at a street fair, so I’ll be over to Jack’s sometime soon.


These were clearly freshly-baked pies out on display for all to drool over. Note the condensation. These babies were put into the plastic warm. These babies brandished classic flavors like apple cranberry, coconut cream and pumpkin.


Well would you look at that? The new THE GREEK all doors wide open and whatnot. I may have wandered inside like a lost puppy looking for more artichoke hummus and snapped a few more photos. Stay tuned…


THE GREEK (because you must YELL IT) had these adorable little sangrias that looked like a fruit cup for all to try. Not pictured: really delicious artichoke hummus with pita points that I scarfed down before I could stop myself. Bad foodbitch, bad!


Adorbs cookies for seasonal events like Thanksgiving, Halloween and Annual Texas Getting Their Arses Handed To Them Day. Sigh.


My dog Sophie, clearly having the time of her life smelling all sorts of butts.


Now this I recognize. Remember last year’s Burgers and Burgundy for DIFFA? It was right here on this here Plaza. So Tei An brought back its yakisoba dogs for the occasion. At $1 the price was right. I’d prefer it in a bowl with chopsticks rather than on a bun with mayo, though. And their yakisoba isn’t my favorite anyway. Go with the cold soba with dipping sauces, in my opinion, over the pre-sauced kind seen above.


What’s up? Oh just this guy in a fourth of a VW selling tasty popsicles. Not pictured: our quickly melting Watermelon Lime flavor.


I’ll leave you with this. An adorable, sleeping 9-week old chihuahua terrier mix. It’s either Huey or Dewey. Louie has been adopted. If you’re looking for a new best friend, hit up our friends at Paws in the City. They’ve got the best things in the world: dogs.

See you next time, One Arts Plaza. Keep up the good work!

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