When I first visited MAX’s Wine Dive, it was for a knock-down, drag-out media dinner with all the fixins. It’s easy to be good when you’re going all out. I really enjoyed the fried chicken with mashed potatoes and collard greens. The paired wines, dozen courses and tons of apps didn’t hurt either. Like I said, when it’s for a media tasting, it’s pretty much guaranteed to be good. But in my ever-fattening dedication to bring you, the reader, the most honest and un-biased accounts of what’s good and what sucks in the world of Dallas dining, I made the trip down McKinney on a Friday and partook in brunch at MAX’s. Just to make sure it was good.


As you might expect from a joint with the words “wine dive” in its name, the champagne was indeed flowing. I ordered my $3.75 mimosa separated into two glasses, just to be difficult. Well, not really. I needed to make an animated GIF for a work assignment…and, it’s a long story. But both the champy and the fresh-squeezed OJ were top-notch. This was taste-tested and approved by my dining partners who were quite jealous of my beverage choice. Please note that drinking a mimosa at lunch on a Friday is foodbitch-approved. Just so you know.


Soon after, these appeared. Now, I did not get a chance to taste the massive ode to carbs saturated with red food coloring and topped with a lemon whipped cream, but the not-metabolically-challenged skinny ho who demolished them seemed quite pleased. They’re called the RVP ($11). Ask for extra syrup, if you dare.


Now here’s something reasonable, an omelet! The one on MAX’s brunch menu ($12) has arugula, crab and apples, making it more interesting than your average egg blankie. Now I’m no omelet fan, and this wasn’t my plate, so let’s just move on. 


Oh HERE’s my plate. Chicken and waffles. I was all about this. But I must say, MAX’s version doesn’t crack my top 3 chickens and waffles in D-town, due to the wingedness of the chicken. It’s just plain unwieldy. Dear Max, can a bitch get a breast? I wound up with a mess and very little chicken meat goodness to eat with my waffle. But the taste factor was indeed high. These flappers were $14.


OH, and one more item of note: MAX’s is having an ugly sweater promotion on Friday the 14th. Wear an ugly holiday sweater and they’ll toss a free dessert or small plate your way. Just passing along the good info for the people. I am but a humble public servant.



MAX’s Wine Dive  |  3600 McKinney Avenue  |

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