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There are new restaurants opening seemingly on a daily basis. The holidays are coming. The effing State Fair opens this weekend. Something called a Candy Corn Oreo exists. It’s enough to make you want to just give up on eating entirely.

But don’t, yet. The Chocolate Conference is coming!!

This Saturday morning, I’ll be at the Addison Convention Center at a media preview of the conference at 9:00 a.m., where I will painstakingly (for you, dear readers) force myself to enjoy a shit-ton of chocolate for breakfast in order to properly capture the full throttle chocolate experience in photos and in snarky tweets. Something to look forward to for those of you who thought the End Times must be near, considering all the gluttony at hand.

Want to get in on the chocolatey action yourself, you say? Not a problem. Pay $18 in advance or show up with a $20 for entry. There are classes and talks and stuff, but the only thing anyone really cares about is the giant room of samples. That’s right. Getting there early doesn’t sound like such a crazy idea anymore, does it?

Hit up for more info.

NOTE: I’ll be attending the media preview free of charge courtesy of Dallas Chocolate.

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