Get ready to get lucky all month long, y’all.

Baby, it might be cold outside but December is comin’ in HOT. About 600 followers ago I hit a major milestone: 25k – that’s twenty-five THOUSAND – Instagram followers! That’s insane! I’m humbled and excited and thankful AF to be able to share my snark, my art, my photos and my food porn with you every day. And some of y’all even LIKE IT.

Here’s the great part. Last time I hit a major milestone, I gave everybody some badass perks.

But 25k is a big effing deal. So I needed to kick it up a notch or two.

This time I’m doing a giveaway a day, every day, from December 1 through December 25. I’m like your Jewish foodie Santa Claus or something. And you guys, the restaurants, bakeries, organizations, salons and more that are involved in these giveaways are super duper fabulous and they’ve been unbelievably generous. So y’all are gonna want to watch this space, because every dang day you’re gonna have an opportunity to get lucky.

THE Sponsors (AKA a big HINT HINT as to the types of badass shit I’m giving away):

Bisous Bisous Patisserie
Asian Mint
Artist Uprising
The Granada Theater
Corrientes 348
Start Restaurant
The Dallas Observer
Harwood District
Art Co
BAM: Blowouts and Makeup
The Keeper Seafood
Mexican Sugar
Ferris Wheelers
Mohler Recovery
Session Pilates
‘Lette Macarons
Uchi Dallas
Cane Rosso
Zoli’s Pizza
Knife Dallas
Local Restaurant
Five Sixty
Fearing’s Restaurant at The Ritz Carlton

Each time I post a giveaway, you’re going to want to tag some friends because each comment with a tag is an entry. There will be requirements i.e.: you have to follow each giveaway’s sponsor, but mostly it’s pretty easy to enter. There’s something for everyone and all these prizes are fab, so I can’t wait for y’all to win all the things! Thank you for supporting this bitchy blog for all these years. xo

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