Day 2. Like Day 1 but with different challenges to my gag reflex. Okay it’s not THAT bad but it’s a lot of work and not enough carbs. Hence, the #cleanserage.


Breakfast was supposed to be something called muesli, which seems like a lot of work the night before just to wake up and eat soggy oats. So I made the alternative to muesli: yogurt with nuts and fruit. Pretty right? And pretty tasty.


Lunch was spinach salad with tuna and white beans. I’m not a huge fan of raw spinach, uncooked and unseasoned beans or plain tuna, so this wasn’t awesome, but the walnut oil vinaigrette helped.

Snack that day was supposed to be crackers, apple and goat cheese. I was out of apples, so I ate a few crackers and goat cheese. That cheese was a welcome treat, but I left work hungry.


Dinner was a beet and vegetable soup (not nearly as hot pink as the photos on the bon appetit website), but I was already learning that the food styling that went into that shoot was nearly criminally appealing. My soup tasted okay but looked like slop. 


The rest of dinner was good. It was salmon with what was supposed to be a cilantro pesto. Since I detest that vile weed, and I happened to have basil and mint in the fridge, it became a different sort of pesto. And it was pretty damn good! The lentils, however, on their second round in the microwave didn’t make it out alive. They were a chalky, dry mess. So we didn’t eat them. A quick dessert of dark chocolate and pear and Day 2 was done.


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