Meat your friends at Corrientes 348

South Americans just seem to know how to make friends easily. Well, Corrientes 348 just opened up downtown and now I think I know their secret. It’s food. Lots and lots of grilled meats and vegetables served family style in a festive setting. Corrientes 348 brought that spirit stateside with their first U.S. outpost, and it’s right here in Downtown Dallas.

How to get your meat on at Corrientes 348: a step-by-step guide…

Bring friends.

As in, the more the merrier, because you’re going to want to try most of this menu, and the more people at your table, the more you can try. Honestly, it also makes sense cost-wise, too, because these big meaty dishes (and large veggie dishes) are best shared. The more people you bring, the less you’ll pay per person for a good amount of feasting. It’s called food math.

Consider a lyft or a DD.

Bottles of wine can and should flow here and the Caiperinhas are strong. Be safe. Need a lyft code? I gotchu: RACHEL312358.



Prepare yourself.

It’s going to be good. Might loosen up that belt in preparation.

Start at the beginning.

With appetizers. The empanadas (especially the creamy vegetarian version) are made in-house and are so, so good.

Don’t skip salad.

The Juliana was a favorite, and the caprese comes topped with big slices of prosciutto.


Order liberally.

These dishes are made to be shared and savored. Order enough to go around.

Keep eating.

“The lamb and sirloin were both excellent with good smoke, while the redfish had nice seasoning but was overcooked.” — A Friend Who Loves Meat and Chocolate Cake


This was one of my favorites. Cooked rare, the Lomito Light combined sweet chunks of grilled pineapple (because, really, how underrated is grilled pineapple?) with velvety filets.

“I see the world through vegetarian-colored glasses, but I still love a good steak restaurant because SIDES. Specifically carbs. And 348 did not disappoint. And dessert. OMG dessert.” — My Vegetarian Friend

The redfish was a welcome pause from all the meats, light and liberally coated in garlic.

All the potatoes. If you like potatoes, these guys will have something for you. Or like five things.


“I loved everything! The sirloin was perfect. The vegetables were cooked perfectly, and the service was top notch. That strawberry drink I had was looooovely. The only thing that needed work was the fish, but it had excellent flavor. I was really impressed!” — Another Happy Friend

Crispy on the outside, smooth on the inside, and topped with salty Parmesan cheese, the polenta is not to be missed.

“The flavors def. live up to the intoxicating aroma of grilled meat you’re greeted with upon walking into 348. Try the lamb!” — My Foodie Friend


Of course, you should douse everything in a spoonful or five of chimichurri. When in Rome, er, Brazil, er, Argentina!

The Arroz 348 is green (so technically a vegetable?), and wasn’t my favorite.

Feel good.

This plate is what reminded me of Thanksgiving. I couldn’t wait to dig in and then get seconds.

Show off.

Oh, hello Tommy. That’s what I named the big Tomahawk steak they brought us. Tommy tastes good. Tommy is also like $75, and comes rolled out on his own cart with his own special carving man. Just saying. Hashtag flashy.

dessert at corrientes 348 by foodbitch

Order Dessert.

There are several crepes and other various sweets at the end of the menu at Corrientes 348. We ordered a few of them, but I recommend this one: the Panqueque De Banana. Crispy with burnt sugar, cinnamon and bananas and topped with creamy ice cream. It’s basically perfect.

As another friend said, “Corrientes 348 is a great option if you like family-style cuisine, the smell of smoke and an interior style like that of an upgraded Denny’s. In the end though, it doesn’t matter how the place looks as long as the meats are great, and they were—especially the lamb.”

Well then. If you don’t have time or enough friends to do dinner like  above, there’s also a lunch option that’s pretty badass and involves a choice of starter and salad, some meats and dessert for like $45. Do that if an expense account and/or an afternoon nap is available to you. All told, Corrientes 348 is unlike any other steakhouse experience in town. It’s definitely worth a try.


Corrientes 348  //  1807 Ross Avenue, Suite 200 //


Disclaimer: This #VIPeek is courtesy of the folks at Corrientes 348, who invited us to dine and then graciously and generously comped our bill (exclusive of beverages and gratuity). The combined value of all comped food totaled almost $500 for the 8 of us. Again, it would have been a good value for the volume of food we enjoyed. Anyway, all opinions are my own (and my friends’, who are quoted above).

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