Decoding Rapscallion's Bar Menu with Victualler Eddie Eakin
image via the City of Ate blog (so meta)

The idea for this Q&A came to me while I was standing with my two friends at Rapscallion, waiting to be seated. We were all staring at the cocktails portion of the bar menu, dumbfounded by the words printed there. We didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry. We definitely laughed, because it is our way, and thus the idea was born to scribble on Rapscallion’s bar menu some questions for the bartender, hand it to him and be all, “WTF?!”

Or something to that effect.

Again, huge thanks to the über-talented Eddie Eakin for being a good sport about all of this since I know very little about cocktails and would rather just sip a good tequila with my steak. Check out my post over on the Dallas Observer’s food blog to read all about it. “It” being shrubs, cocchi, r(h)um and, for some reason, something called a chimichanga?

I need a drink.

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