A couple of weeks ago (yes, I’m a bit behind), I enjoyed a little sponsored date night at Dish on Oak Lawn. Realizing we hadn’t been there in quite a while, my Food Bastard and I were psyched to taste what was new. It turns out, not surprisingly so, that Chef Garreth Dickey has turned out so many great updates to the menu that it was hard to choose.

First things first: cocktails. Being a slave to St. Germain (he’s a real saint, right?), I chose the Pear Tree ($10). It featured Hangar One Spiced Pear vodka, St. Germain, lime, white cranberry, angostura bitters and a dust of cinnamon. It was crisp! The Bastard went for an Amsterdam Jam ($11), which featured Bombay Sapphire (his gin of choice), Orchard apricot liquor, and Fernet Branca liquor with mudled cucumber, rosemary, lemon and fig jam, plus a spritz of Absinthe (because why the hell not?). We were fans.

We decided to start with the Ahi Tuna Pica ($16), which is served on wonton chips and layered with flaked coconut, Scotch Bonnet chili and toasted almonds. I’m always ready for some raw fish, and this appetizer didn’t disappoint. I could have eaten that and only that and been perfectly happy.

But we’re civilized folk so we decided to order entrees as well. He got the Crispy West Coast Petrale Sole, which came with Seckle pears, yuzu, Fresno chili, cilantro and grilled rapini. Not realizing that “crispy” meant “fried,” we were surprised to see huge chunks of what looked like fish and chips arrive at our table. While we might have preferred a lighter preparation, it’s our fault for mis-reading the menu, and it tasted like an Asian spin on the classic British dish. The rapini was particularly succulent. Yes, vegetables can be succulent. Obviously.

I couldn’t resist ordering the lamb stuffed Lockhart quail, just to see what the heck it was. It was an odd looking bird, but indeed it was a perfectly cooked quail stuffed, quite unnaturally, with lamb meat. The flavors were in sharp contrast, but they worked well with the Kennebec mash, pickled hedgehog mushrooms and huckleberry-duck glaze. Yes, that’s another meat they snuck in there.  Sneaky bastards.

We decided to lighten up with dessert, so we chose the Limoncello marinated strawberries with champagne sorbet. The sorbet itself could have gotten me tipsy, if I wasn’t already from my Pear Tree cocktail. The sweet ending was light and happy, like our evening.

Here’s a slideshow, but warning, it’s sexy in there (read: DIMLY LIT), so the photos are super un-great. My apologies.

Thanks to Dish for having us! If you haven’t been over to Dish, it’s worth your while to have a go. They’re doing some interesting things over there, like the Ally McBeal-style unisex restroom, for instance. Check it out.

Dish Restaurant  |  4123 Cedar Springs Road  |


NOTE: This meal was comped by the restaurant for my Food Bastard and me, pre-arranged-style by the restaurant’s PR rep. But I’d put Dish on my top 20 to go to on my own dime. Just a reminder that free food never guarantees kind words.


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