What did you do last Saturday night?

Because unless you helped a magician swallow a sword, watched a hipster juggler juggle knives, drank badass cocktails with friends, ate apps, mains and zerts studded with gilded sculptures and was genuinely surprised by how much fun it all was, I had a better Saturday night than you did.

It’s a bit difficult to take photos inside because of the dark and sexy, mood-lit nature of this place, so my apologies for the poor quality of these photos. But do take a peek…

Inside Don’t Tell…

Hello, ladies…

​​This nice lady was clearly having a good night.


Drinks like this one, each with a fun gimmick, made getting tipsy extra entertaining. This cocktail, The Don’t Tell, included a special flavor-altering berry for you to eat after a few sips, to change the way your mouth feels and the drink tastes.


This Most Unusual Tea, was the most delicious cocktail, to me. It featured dry ice and was perfectly balanced.

This crudo dish, like all the appetizers we tried, was excellent. The prices at Don’t Tell are a bit spendy, but for a menu designed by celebrity chef Tre Wilcox, and a venue like this place, the pricing doesn’t seem out of context.


Don’t Tell Supper Club // 2626 Commerce Street //



Disclaimer: I was invited to dinner and a show at Don’t Tell Supper Club for the purposes of sharing my experience here on this blog. Thus, the meal and drinks were comped. But remember, money doesn’t buy anything from me. Honestly, I wasn’t sure what to expect at Don’t Tell and I was a bit scared, but in the end I was surprised in a good way. I had a great time (drinks helped), and we were very much entertained the whole time. Our server was lovely and the food was good too. I’d go back, like for a special occasion like a birthday, bachelorette party or going away party.

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