I’ve been told that I tend to let popular opinion dictate my tastes a little too often. I am a bit of a brand whore. I love In-N-Out burgers. It’s a chicken/egg situation; was the handbag pretty or did the fact that it’s made by Marc Burch Van Furstenberg make me think it was pretty? No matter, I’ll just tell you what I think. Dough was damn tasty. And lord did it beat the girdles off the ladies-who-lunch-type of place that formerly occupied that space. Let it be known that the pretzel/jello casserole thing that I was told was delicious was NOT. Put another check in the No, I Don’t Believe Everything I Hear category. Ha!

But back to Dough.


(Does that get your attention?)


3-D blistered crust, pictured above. It was chewy, parmesan-seasoned and salty. This is like Crazy Bread’s older, more handsome brother who came home from college and is looking FINE.

Dough has a really fancy, really imported, really effing hot oven they got from Italy. This oven makes their pizza baking time precisely 90 seconds. This oven also means I get my pizza PDQ. I like that.



We ordered this baby, featuring fontina cheese, caramelized onion and mushrooms.



Then the Margherita STG with tomato sauce, mozz di Bufala, parmigiano reggiano and basil. A classic, and my favorite yardstick for pizza spots.


Lastly, here is the side of anchovies we ordered to accompany our pies. I tried one, and they felt more Jewish than Italian. Vinegary and meaty.


We’ll be back for sure. Because our volunteer commitments keep us in the north Dallas area pretty often, because I know my dad will want to try this pizza, and because I hear the polenta cake is worth saving room for.


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