Dear owner of Lover’s Pizza AND Benny’s Classic Grill,

I’m sorry, but if you own a respectable pizza joint in Dallas, how can you sleep at night knowing a pizza like this is being served at another of your restaurants?! I don’t understand this, please explain.



I have said many times that we in East Dallas are seriously lacking in the sandwich department. So when a coworker told me about a new sandwich place nearby I was gleeful. I didn’t break out in song or anything but, there was a fair amount of glee regardless.

So the Food Bastard and I went to check out Benny’s Classic Grill. When we got there we found out that the reasonably new place was operated by the same guy who owns Lover’s Pizza. That’s a decent pedigree, right? Wrong. The pizza pictured below tasted like it came out of an oven after coming out of a box after coming out of the frozen foods aisle. Slightly sweet sauce? Crust that’s screams “I’ve been baking on the silver side of a cardboard round!” Yeah. And topping it with tomato and basil didn’t help a lick.

Benny’s Margarita

The two good things I will say about Benny’s Classic Grill are these: 1) the staff is very friendly, and 2) their gyro (pictured below) is passable.

Benny’s Gyro

Passable gyro on good bread with a nice crisp on the lamb.

Benny’s Interior

The interior of Benny’s, formerly an Arby’s, has been upgraded for sure, but you still can’t shake that fast food feel. Sorry, but it’s just not working for me.

Benny’s Classic Grill  | 10302 Garland Rd | Benny’s Facebook Page

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