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So I know I already posted about Restaurant Week this year, but it’s a hot topic. Here are a few more things to know, as well as my two-twenty cents about which restaurants are worth paying a visit during this magical time of the year.

Without further ado, I’ll now present The foodbitch Guide to DFW Restaurant Week 2015.



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NOTE: Central Market is an unsung hero of RW.
Visit CM (one of my favorite places to shop, BTW, and no, those folks do NOT pay my bitchy ass to say so), spend at least $25 (like that’s hard) and get a Fourth Course certificate for each $25 you spend. Spend $50, get two certs. Spend $100, get four. Spend $45? You’ll probably still get two of ’em. They’re nice like that. Those certificates get you — yep, you guessed it — a fourth course at your Restaurant Week dinner meal. Voila!

ALSO NOTE: If you haven’t booked yet, get on that, homie!
If I were you (and I basically am you because I haven’t made a single reservation), I would narrow down the list of participating restaurants into some quick categories thusly: NOPE, NAH, MAYBE, LUNCH & YUP!


These spots are not special enough, too far away (sorry Plano), not a good value at $35 or $45, or just not up to snuff period.
Al Biernat’s
Boi Na Braza (Huh?)
Carso Mediterranean Steak & Seafood
Citrus Bistro
The Classic at Roanoake (Because Roanoake)
Crossroads at the House of Blues (Is that a joke?)
Dee Lincoln’s Steak Bar (Dee Lincoln’s Too Far)
Ferrari’s (I think that’s Italian for “nope!”)
iL Calabrese
Ivy Kitchen (I’m not fooled, LOOK Cinemas. And I saw that you have store-bought nochi on your menu. Just… NO. S.M.H.)
Kirby’s (What’s that Southlake? I can’t hear you all the way over here in Dallas.)
Mac’s on Main (See above, replace Southlake with Grapevine.)
Max’s Wine Dive(s) (Sorry, it’s a value prop issue)
The Melting Pot (Same answer)
Mercat Bistro (Again, nothing against Mercat, but it’s just not going to make sense, especially for $45 PremiumWHAAA?)
Mercury Chop House (Too far for somewhere I’ve never heard of.)
Meso Maya (Love you bunches but not a value)
Michael’s Cuisine (FortWorthSaysWhat?)
Nola Grill (Nola Idea what that is)
One2One (Way too far and the name sounds like a boy band. Not appetizing.)
Piccolo Mondo
Public School 214 (It’s a value thang, babydoll.)
Restaurant 506
Ruth’s Chris (Restaurant Week ain’t prom, y’all. Leave your boutonniere at home.)
Sambuca (…is for cougars. That’s all.)
Seasons 52 (Value issues)
Steve Fields
Stratos (Sorry but that’s got to be a joke, yes?)
Texas de Brazil


These places just aren’t blowing my bitchy little skirt up.
Arthur’s Prime Steaks & Seafood (Sea Food? Two words?)
Bistro 31
Cadot (I thought it closed…)
Canary by Gorji (This guy is the most persistent chef in town.)
Dragonfly (Over it.)
Grace (I saw them firsthand size down RW desserts over regular diners’. BOO and HISS.)
Kenny’s (Not for $45, dudes.)
Nick & Sam’s Grill (Not sure the $45 was the right choice for the Grill…)
Nobu Dallas (Do you like prom? You will feel like you’re about to go to prom, while you’re at Nobu. Not in a good way.)
Saint Ann ($45? Noooooo thanks.)
Sissy’s (LOVE Sissy’s, but the price point isn’t right.)
St. Martin’s Wine Bistro (I’m not impressed by this place’s oldness.)
State & Allen
Table 13


I either already like these places, or I haven’t been yet and think I’d like to use RW as an opportunity to try them.
III Forks
Cafe Pacific
Clay Pidgeon
Dallas Chop House
Dallas Fish Market
Del Frisco’s Double Eagle Steakhouse, Dallas & Plano
DISH Cedar Springs (Because I’ve already been to DISH on RW)
Eddie V’s
Grill on the Alley
Nick & Sam’s Steakhouse (Been before for RW… it was just okay…)
Ocean Prime
Origin (Maybe, but probably not)
Paul Martin’s American Grill (New Kid On The Block)
Perry’s Steakhouse & Grill (Pork chops)
Salum (saYUM)
Silver Fox (I know nothing of these foxes but they sound like they have money and want to buy me drinks…)


These place are okay, but it might be a better to go for the $20 lunch option than for dinner.
Capital Grille(s)
Cook Hall
Del Frisco’s Grille(s) (Because fancy lunch is totes fun)
DISH Preston Hollow (Seriously, this would be a good time to grab that lunch reservation)
Front Room Tavern (Yup, another likely solid lunch option)
Lavendou (Never been! Gasp!)
Morton’s The Steakhouse
Pyramid Restaurant


If there are reservations left, SNAG, BABY, SNAG!

CBD Provisions
Five Sixty
Lonesome Dove (If you’re into that whole Fort Worth thing)
The Mansion on Turtle Creek (A bit overrated, sure, but it’s still The Mansion)
Nonna (One of the city’s best)
Pappas Bros. (One of the top steaks in Dallas can be had here.)
San Salvaje
Stampede 66
Stephan Pyles

You came here for my opinion, yes? For a little guidance? Well, there you have it. I’m happy to have you leave yours in the comments. I promise to read each and every one.

BONUS: if you made it all the way to the end of this long post, here’s a little nugget for you. Hit up instagram and visit the @lovellpr page to enter to win tickets to the First Course kick off party on Thursday night. Hurry, contest ends at 3:00 Wednesday, August 5.



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