If you’ve been clicking around on Facebook, scrolling on Twitter or double-tapping on the Instagrams lately, you may have noticed my posts had a noticeable southern twang about a week ago. It’s true, I left my home in Dallas and flew to New Orleans, a place I’d never been in my adult life, on a whirlwind tour de food.

How did I get there? Great question! A little birdie named Jeffrey Merrihue emailed me to ask me if I’d be his Dallas Chief.

Who? His what?

Jeff Mo in his natural habitat
Jeff Mo in his natural habitat

If James Beard is the fancy-pants, bestower of all that is fine dining cred, then my new friend Jeffrey Merrihue is “Jeff Mo,” elbows deep in burgers, fries, fried chicken, steak, oysters, pizza, and everything toothsome, bestowing Chowzter honors upon the best feasts all over the planet. In fact, “Jeff Mo” is perfect. The antithesis (but not in a bad way) to James Beard. Except, Jeffrey doesn’t have a mustache. JEFFREY! GROW A MUSTACHE RIGHT NOW! It’s also the perfect nickname because it helps me remember Jeffrey’s day job at Mofilm. See? It’s a memory device!

Youuuuuuu’ve… probably never heard of it. Well, I’m thinking you will soon enough. Because in short, Chowzter is a community of the world’s best food bloggers and writers, who are all trying to identify the world’s best food at the world’s best restaurants. And while that’s a noble pursuit to be sure, Chowzter just so happens to be run by talented folks who can actually make that kind of shit happen, and a company like Mofilm with the resources to make that kind of shit happen. I was honored to be invited to join Chowzter, and I’m so excited to discover the new audiences and delicious opportunities it brings me! So stay tuned…

I know, I know. foodbitch went to New Orleans. So show me the food, right? Here it is, gallery style. Enjoy; I recommend you serve these up with a very strong NOLA accent.

Quick Key:
(C) means “comped” — food things Chowzter paid for and I ate, tasted or shared.
(NM) means “not mine” — food things Chowzter paid for but I didn’t eat.
If a food thing has no letters in parenthesis, that means I paid for it and ate it myself.

YES, I'll be going back to NOLA. There's so much more to eat...
YES, I’ll be going back to NOLA. There’s so much more to eat…


Disclaimer: Thanks again to Chowzter for flying me to New Orleans, putting me up in the Hyatt Regency and paying for most of what I ate all weekend long. Many things were comped. I would estimate my total weekend value at around $1250.

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