This past Saturday was my second class at Milestone Culinary Arts. This week was all about stocks, soups and sauces. We made two soups, one sauce, a baked mac ‘n cheese (not sure how that’s a stock, soup or sauce) and a pork loin. Now, this bitch doesn’t dig on swine, so unfortunately I could only eat two out of the five items we made. To make up for that, I created non-porky versions of the porky foods for dinner Sunday night. So here’s what we created:

1) Butternut squash soup with pancetta and crispy fried sage

2) Chicken noodle soup

3) Baked macaroni & cheese

4) Pork loin with 5) mushroom sauce

Everything (well, what I could try) was so good that I couldn’t wait to go home and make it at home. Sunday night’s dinner: tenderloin of beef with mushroom sauce, butternut squash soup and a green salad.

The last 4 photos in the album above are my homemade creations. Sure I de-porked, and I skipped the fried sage because honestly I tried it and it didn’t exactly blow my skirt up, but I think everything turned out great.

Next week: Oven-roasting and baking…stay tuned.

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