Class number four was all about sauteing, frying and stir frying. We made:

  • chicken parmesan
  • eggplant parmesan
  • shrimp stir fry
  • veal piccata with caper sauce
  • crispy fried fish with buerre blanc sauce

I didn’t have any of the stir fry, but I did manage to burn myself with some of the hot oil as I was tossing the veggies in. Anyway, the stir fry smelled and looked way professional and the sauce we made was super legit.

The crispy fried fish was tasty but I preferred the fish we made during the previous class so I decided to skip that one for my home trial. As for the buerre blanc sauce…my verdict is that the time and butter consumed making this dish is not worth the taste return on investment. Or something. The point is, it’s long and you have to watch it and then use a sieve and it’s mostly butter anyway so it’s not making the home recipe box.

On Sunday night I attempted veal piccata. Let me stop here and point out that I accidentally picked up the wrong handout when leaving class on Saturday and therefore didn’t have the recipe. I have a decent, possibly even borderline photographic memory, so I winged it. The veal turned out well. The sauce? Not so much. I called this dish my veal piccata with “twice burnt” sauce. I made broccolini to go along with it and despite the over-carmelized-ness of the sauce, everything tasted pretty good!

The chicken and eggplant parmesans involved flouring, eggwashing and breadcrumbing (What? I make up words.) pieces of first eggplant and then chicken and quickly frying them in shallow oil. Then we layered the fried little babies with sauce, basil and cheese and baked them for a bit.

Monday night, again without a recipe to go by, I managed to make eggplant and chicken parmesan without burning anything! I still smoked up my house a bit, but I do that basically every time I cook these days. It was a nice, chilly night so opening the doors was really all it took. Check the photos y’all! I made a bit of pasta and some mushrooms to accompany the dueling parmesans. 🙂

Next week: Grilling and Broiling. Stay tuned…

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