Screen Shot 2014-06-04 at 8.35.08 AMSince writing this post, I’ve come to realize that these spots are only a small sampling of the restaurants where you can dine on a solid patio with seriously good food. For the purposes of the list, I tried to make sure the patios mentioned were unique in some way and that the food found there tasty and/or unique as well. The full post is over on City of Ate, but because I love my blog visitors, here are some bonus great patios with great food, just for you:

Tei An
The rooftop here is beautiful, even if you see more construction cranes lately, and if you know me you know I love the food Teach serves up. Easily some of the best sushi in town, a white seaweed salad that haunts my dreams and soba ice cream. Incredible.

Coffee House Cafe
Also no secret is my love for CHC. The patio outside there, complete with fireplace, is large yet cozy. The coffee program there is varied and responsible. Try the challah French toast sandwich with turkey bacon. Trust.

Cane Rosso White Rock
The outdoor space at CRWR has gotten some press about kids behaving badly, but Jay Jerrier assured me that most kiddos are gone by 8pm each night, if that’s important to you. It almost goes without saying that the pizzas at Cane Rosso are definitely good eats.

The side patio at Boulevardier is small but friendly and I love that I often spot friends or former co-workers out there (usually while on my way to Ya Ya Foot Spa, but that’s another topic for another day). Boulevardier turns out plates that are deliciously French yet casual enough to make weeknights special. Don’t skip dessert, or forget to start off with a cocktail.

Okay this is more of a my little secret type of place. Savor is a beautiful glass box perched on Klyde Warren Park where diners can eat a tasty lunch while people watching and feeling cool (or is that just me?) Wait times can be long, but PSSST: you can order from the menu and eat on the lovely outdoor couches without a wait (unless I’m already there in which case you’re SOL). So if you see a chick eating a fried chicken salad with a couple of twin babies don’t be shocked, I practically live there now. Note: Savor is even better at dinner, where the chef has really put his best work out there.

La Duni
Another personal favorite is La Duni, which I can always count on to please a crowd (even my crazy family) with consistently good food that I personally never get tired of. From coffee to cocktails to mains and especially dessert, you can sit outside at all the La Duni locations, but my favorite is the one at NorthPark, where the outdoor space is the interior courtyard with views of green grasses, LV and Barneys. Things to try: The pulled turkey salad, the incredible pollo aljibe and the house made ice creams. Actually, all the desserts are incredible.

Sissy’s Southern Kitchen
The quaint-as-hell side patio at Sissy’s also happens to be cute as fuck. How’s that for enthusiasm? Deviled eggs topped with caviar don’t hurt either, and the brunch is one of my favorites in Dallas. Hello, chicken and dumplings! Fried chicken is just the beginning at Sissy’s, y’all. And it’s just so darn pretty.

The patio at Goodfriend might be technically in a parking lot in East Dallas, but they’ve done such a good job with the pergola and whatnot that it feels much nicer. And the burgers? Duh. The P.L.O.T. is my favorite. Plus beers, and East Dallas hipsters. And cheese fries.

Another Parisien patio that I would be remiss not to mention is Parigi’s. Yes, it’s on technically the street, but it’s elevated, literally and figuratively, so that you can dine fine on specials and classics unique to the small bistro. Don’t skip the award-winning Caesar or the deconstructed Cali roll. And wave to chef/owner Janice Provost in her hot pink chef garb!

Goodness, it seems I could go on all day. Turns out there are a lot of lovely outdoor spaces with equally lovely food in this town. Where is your favorite great patio with great food?




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