J is for juice: featuring I Am The Juice Place

Here’s a fun fact: dragonfruit makes for the most beautiful smoothies in the whole world! Another fun fact? I Am The Juice Place, the newest little adorable juice bar in downtown is also a gift shop and stellar place to hang out and grab a bite, work or meet up with friends or coworkers. I am not hippie-dippie, so I like my smoothies to taste awesome or at least caffeinate me, and at I Am The Juice Place, both can happen. They have a great location for folks who live or work downtown and they carry some great stuff too.

Here are a few of the local goods they carry at I Am The Juice Place, in case you’re ever in need of a fix:

The Little Pie Kitchen

Cultivar coffee

Holy Kombucha

Snappy Salads (so smart!)

Empire Bakery

Local artists’ works on the walls, fee-free


I had this I am Iridescent smoothie and it was everything. So delicious and beautiful it sparkled! Thank you for having me in for a cooling treat, IATJP!


Disclaimer: I was invited in to sample something from I Am The Juice Place and I was eager to give it a try. I was so happy to meet the owner, Ana, and learn more about the place. So yes, my smoothie was free, but it was effing amazing.

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