I just ordered stickers and a poster from this company called Social Print Studio. If you’re like me, and you use instagram (a free and fabulous mini social network of filtered photos for your iphone), and you love your photos, you’ll want to check out what these folks are up to.

Right now, the thing about Instagram is that it really lives on the app alone. Nobody can see your photos unless they use Instagram too and you’re connected. But that issue is no more with Instagrid. Check mine out! They’re about 75% food. Shocking, I know.

The poster I ordered is 100% food photos. Can’t wait to get that baby in the mail. The stickers are a great mix of fun pics that I plan to hand out to friends and family like candy. “You are fantastic! Have a slice of pizza.” “Sleepy, eh? Check out this beautiful cappuccino.”

Anyway, keep up the great work, Social Print Studio.


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