Dee is about more than just bubbles, you guys. First of all, her bartender is a genius. And she’s got a whole new menu out, to prove this sexy spot tucked behind Cedar Springs is just as much a home for food-lovers as it is for ladies who … lush.

So to help get the word out about the new menu, Dee herself invited some local bloggers (this bitch included) to try the goods.

You know what that means. In all transparency, this deliciousness was as free as the bubbles that escaped our pretty little flutes.

And while we’re at it, it was a bit dark sexy in there, so my appologies for the sub-par photography. Anyway, check it out.


The Bubble Bubble. Grey Goose La Poire, St. Germain, Lemon and Champagne. One of these and you’re good to go. Look for this ladylike thang to grace an upcoming blog post on I Live In Dallas.


The Sweet Diablo. Bacardi 8 Rum, JalapeƱo, Maple Syrup, Lime, Ginger Beer and Bitters. Spicy and sweet.


The Sushi Pizza. Sounds not great, right? But its combination of sushi rice-filled crust, ahi tuna chunks and caviar was a total hit.


The Caesar Salad here is certainly unique. If you’re expecting the traditional recipe, you will be shocked, but probably not disappointed. This is a Caesar with an Asian accent, as it comes topped with a spicy mixture of ahi tuna, caviar, wonton strips and avocado. If Dee served lunch, I’d likely be eating this salad once a week. Hint-muthafuckin-hint, Dee!


Surf and Turfat Dee Lincoln’s means seared ahi tuna and foie gras with miso caramel. Not a bad combo.


Fried Oysterswere a well-liked around the table, but I didn’t partake.


Same with the Roasted Bone Marrow appetizer, which came out on an intimidatinglylarge hunk of bone. It was gone before it reached my end of the table.


The lovely Susiefrom Susie Drinks Dallas gave one of her famous challenges to the bartender to make her something not too sweet. He came back with this muddled strawberry, cucumber, spiced rum and wine concoction that was summer in a glass. Perfection!


My favorite dish of the night, the Ricotta and Mascarpone Angolotti, was filled with wild mushrooms, English peas and foie gras. Hello, smokey decadence! You must try it.


There are just three desserts at Dee’s…and I recommend you go for the Coffee and Doughnuts. The mocha mousse totally outshines the three dense doughnut holes, but no matter — I quite honestly wanted to lick the cup. I didn’t though, because I’m a lady.

Anyway, after we scarfed and sipped until we could scarf and sip no more, we walked (carefully) upstairs to check out the lounge. It’s pretty sexy up there, y’all. And a great place to feel like a million bucks any day of the week. I mean, just take a look at these snaps:


Anyway, the point here is that Dee Lincoln’s is a spot you should probably check out. The menu’s Asian twists are where I think the chef shines brightest, and of course all those drinks are not to be missed. Dinner any night of the week can be a special treat, so head over there with your main squeeze or your lady friends and get into trouble with some bubbles.


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