LASH alcohol delivery app responds to Drizly QAThe folks at LASH (makers of yet another alcohol delivery app in town), caught wind of the Q&A I posted with the Drizly guys. So naturally they wanted to tell you all what makes their app better and/or special. I have a couple of quick points on that: 1) In-n-Out Burgers 2) chicken nuggets. Yeah you can get that shit delivered by LASH.

Anyway, I’ll let them answer some questions though, and you can decide for yourself which app to use to order liquor, beer or wine from your couch this weekend. Either way, I’m pretty sure you win.

What would you say makes YOU different from (and better than) Drizly or Minibar?

We were recently called “The Ferrari of Alcohol Delivery Service” by CT when compared to Mini Bar and Top Shelf. The same holds true when you compare us to Drizly. LASH Delivery has:

  •  The largest service coverage area in DFW
  •  No delivery fee for orders over $35 (which is NOT just an intro offer)
  •  3000+ products, including:
    • Wines, beers, spirits, ready-to-drink cocktails, mixers and ice
    • Sport drinks, chips, Cheetos and other munchies
    • Quick bites from In-n-Out, Taco Bell and Chick-fil-A with more coming soon
    • Bottle openers, shot glasses, lighters and condoms
  • Advance ordering up to 7 days plus 60-minute delivery
  • Owned delivery experience, so when you order, the LASH van with our professional LASH driver will show up to your door instead of a liquor store employee
  • Oh yeah, we have an APP too

How does your system work?

  1. Download the app on Google Play or Apple app store
  2. Explore and purchase products
  3.  Select your delivery day and time

Sit back, relax and let the LASH van arrive with your goodies to your door.

How did your app come about?

The founders of LASH are like most of us, leading busy lives at work and coming home to even busier times with family. It started with the idea to eliminate the mundane. They believe that when it comes to making a choice on where to spend your increasingly limited time, investing in friends, family and self should always trump an errand that can be eliminated. A bottle of Absolut is a bottle of Absolut for the majority of us, we know exactly what that tastes like and don’t need to go see 20 bottles sitting on a shelf to make a purchase decision.

That’s how LASH came about and we are just getting started.

Who are your founders and what’s their backstory?

The founders choose to stay anonymous right now. They are local to DFW.

How does your inventory work?

Excellent question. We show you exactly what’s in the store — both in terms of the products and the quantity available at any given day.  So what you are seeing on the app is exactly what you would see if you physically went into the store. We update our products and quantities daily. Another differentiator from our current competitors.

How come your app’s called LASH and not LUSH? You know everybody’s thinking it…

We actually do get this question a lot, but have a very good reason why we named it LASH.  LASH is a casual term used in the UK and Ireland and it symbolizes fun times partaking spirits with a close group of friends. So for instance they would use the phrase “lashing it up” or “on a LASH” when they want to have drinks with their friends.  We heard it while we were travelling and it stuck!


There you have it. For the record, Drizly wasn’t in my service area, but LASH is. So that may be the deciding factor for you at first. Give them a shot, and definitely be responsible. DON’T drink and drive, but DO drink and couch surf. Just don’t text your ex, okay?


Disclaimer: The folks at LASH tossed $35 in my account after I said I’d do a post with their answers to these questions. Just wanted to disclose all that. I haven’t gotten my 6-packs of cider, Blood and Honey, and In-n-Out burgers yet (I scheduled them for Saturday night because I’m an effing party animal), but I’ll let y’all know how it goes!

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