LASH Delivery reached out to me to let me know that they are the only service in town that delivers both alcohol AND food. I was like “STOP. Are you telling me I can have myself a rosé and cheese board picnic any time I want??” And, though it was over email and in not so few words, they were all, “Oh hell yes you can, girl!”

So I did. And LASH delivers.

Well, to be completely honest, they tossed me a fiddy dollar credit and then I did.

I’ve tried pretty much all the alcohol delivery apps, and I have to admit that way back when LASH first came out, I noticed the food/munchies component (baaahaha–of course I did) and ordered myself some damn In-n-Out Burgers with my beer. Basically, I was #adulting before it was trending. I have to say, even though the user interface of LASH versus some of the other apps out there could use some cleaning up (honesty first, guys), it is certainly huge to be able to order dinner and drinks at the same time (for just a $2 additional stop fee and the same $5 delivery charge). Drizly doesn’t do that. Minibar doesn’t do that. Favor, Caviar, Postmates and DoorDash can’t do that either.

And it’s not all fast food and snacks, either. The restaurants that LASH Delivery works with are extremely varied. Everything from Aw Shucks to Abacus, from Bakers Ribs to Eddy V’s. That’s not to say you can’t satisfy a craving for Chick-fil-A or Chipotle using LASH (I’m so judging you right now), but you can also grab a healthy bowl of goodness from HG Supply, something fancy from Javier’s or Madrina, or something spicy from Malai Kitchen. Now I’m hungry again.

rose all day per foodbitch
Rose All Day!

So let’s talk about my picnic!

I ordered pretzel bread and mustard and a cheese board from the Blind Butcher on Greenville, plus a bottle of Martini & Rossi Rose. Plated the food on a wooden cheese board and a plate for presentation, grabbed some glasses and spread out a blanket in the backyard. Voila! Summer romance is mine. Thanks, LASH.


DISCLAIMER: As I said above, LASH Delivery gave me a $50 credit to use on the app to create this blog post. That being said, I very much enjoyed putting together the picnic and now I know what to do if I need to do it again sometime!

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