We went to the Moth for a late night dinner (9:30 PM) this past Saturday, and thank goodness because our lovely waitress told us the’d had a three-hour wait earlier that evening. We marveled at the extensive beer list, and my husband landed on a worldly flight of beers while I enjoyed a fresh lime & basil spritzer to help me cool off. Then we ordered small plates (which I love to do because it lets me try more things): the caprese salad, lamb skewers, sweet corn and broccolini. Everything was made with fresh ingredients and bold flavors, scoring big bitch points with me all around.

The caprese included sweet, thick-cut beefsteak tomatoes, fresh slices of mozzarella and a basil reduction with an intoxicating scent. I could eat that salad every day.

The lamb skewers were a tad salty but I happen to love salt. The dish surprised us with a base of hummus, fresh teardrop tomatoes, salted arugula and pickled grapes, which were certainly a new taste for me!

The broccolini was perfectly al dente, with a lemony sauce that had just a bit too much chili flake for my taste. I ate it happily, but I drank that lime & basil spritzer pretty quickly.

The corn was fantastic! I asked for a steak knife so I could shuck the messy deliciousness braces-style. The seasoning was an awesome mess, almost like mushed up creamy breadcrumbs with a touch of spice.


Overall, this new Design District gem lived up to what I’d heard about it. Way up. We will definitely be back. Especially to give those desserts a try.

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