Working from home has many positives. Toss that gem into the No Shit file. But lunching is one of the positives I hadn’t thought about until last Friday when I grabbed a late lunch at famously popular Pecan Lodge.

After 15 minutes in line, at 2:00 pm, we ordered, paid and sat. Keep in mind that the meat magicians at Pecan Lodge do run out of things, so the strategic move to show up at 2:00 could cost you dearly, if you’re a pulled pork fan, for instance. Luckily for us, the brisket was fully stocked by the time we bellied up to the orderin’ bar.

I ordered the Hot Mess, slightly deconstructed for the calorie conscious (me, on that particular day). Toppings were either on the side (cheese and chipotle cream) or held entirely (bacon and butter). Would it have been more delicious with all of these things applied directly to the meat-filled potato? Yes. But at the end of the meal, I need to be able to live with myself, so that’s just the way it is.


Can we just take a break to check this shit out? Pecan Lodge brings out folks like these. Precious.

The mac and cheese tasted even better than it looked. And the winning lunch item was the sliced brisket sandwich. (unfortunately, not pictured)
Go get that. And get there early.



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