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Last week my Food Bastard and I got to do drinks and dinner together thanks to a couple of really nice grandparents who were willing to take care of our crazy Food Babies while we hit the town. But where to go for dinner? It might be a humblebrag, but it’s also true: this bitch receives a LOT of invitations to “come in and try our new menu/restaurant/hamburger pretty please” so it can be tough to narrow down the choices for a rare actual dinner date with the Food Bastard. Except this time. This time it was “Oh, we’re going to Lekka.” No hesitation. Here’s why.

Lekka Nostalgia

Being from Dallas, both of us grew up in and around North Dallas, near the area where the original Lekka location stands on Preston. It’s an eclectic place, with a cool patio and lots of outdoor and home goods for sale to make things interesting. I remember the food I had probably ten years ago the last time I ate at Lekka on Preston: stuffed olives (I don’t care for olives and yet I remember finding these impossible to resist), thick house-made potato chips with blue cheese and ECLAIR CAKE. More on that later.

the inside of Lekka on henderson, image by foodbitch

This case is where they keep the goods. The goods = that there eclair cake, bottom left.

Lekka Decor

The place is cute. It used to be The Gin Mill, then Swig, but now Lekka has taken it in a rustic-cave-chic direction and it somehow looks like it’s always been that way. A gorgeous cement tiled wall on the far wall keeps things modern, and big sprigs of baby’s breath keeps it fresh. I don’t know why I’m surprised; Lekka was eclectic before eclectic was even a thing. Yadda, yadda, yadda, they sell chimineas if you need one.

Lekka Food

Let’s talk about what you came for. The food. We started with samosas because TBH it was the most South African thing on the menu and “When in Rome!” But it turns out, the food at Lekka Henderson isn’t all that South African, it’s much more eclectic. It’s indulgent and crave-worthy. Keep scrolling…


Reuben spring rolls. These were exactly as good as they looked. Steaming hot with comfort food written all over them. Done! Lynn, the owner, wouldn’t have let us out of there without trying them. You should too.

I mean. Right? Hello!

Lekka Drinks

On to cocktails! After already having a few prior to dinner, it was time to have just one more. This one featured Blue Bottle coffee so of course I was down. The drinks on their menu are named for slang and common phrases in Afrikaans so that’s super fun. Oh, and the bartender does some good work, having come from Whistle Britches up north.

When there’s something called “The Sandwich” on a menu, order it. It’s a good life lesson. This one was damn tasty. I think you can easily see that.

I immediately gravitated toward this sushi salad because apparently I am a basic asian food-loving bitch. Apparently it’s the most popular. That ginger dressing though! It’s the perfect plate of sushi rice and crunchy vegetables topped with seared ahi tuna and avocado. Sold.

Lekka Dessert

This is what I came for. It sure isn’t pretty, but it’s beautiful …to me. The eclair cake is just one of a whole selection of house-made cakes and pies, all of which sound incredible, but I’m not sure I could ever order bring myself to anything else. Someone would have to force me or they’d have to be out of this cake. It’s light and fluffy and the chocolate on top is basically chocolate glazed donut icing. Heaven is an ugly piece of eclair cake at Lekka. Sorry not sorry.

Lynn! Thank you for a lekka meal! I’m so happy you’re here. Y’all, go try Lekka for your next date night, lunch meeting, birthday dinner (there’s a great big table perfect for such a thing), happy hour or whatever! And be sure to think of me when you’re eating that eclair cake…you’re welcome!


Lekka // 1921 N. Henderson //


Disclaimer: As I mentioned, Lynn from Lekka invited us in to dine at Lekka on the house. That being said, the opinions expressed throughout this post are my own and would be the same had I paid my own bill because I’m foodbitch. xo

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