Luscher and Hanks. Separated at birth? The world may never know.
Franks and Hanks. Separated at birth? The world may never know.

Chef Brian Luscher is a man of many talents. Looking like Tom Hanks’ long lost brother is just one of them. Many of his others include being a kickass chef, convincing a lovely lady to marry him and making killer charcuterie (read: DUCK HAM). He knows what’s up when it comes to the meats. He creates sausage items with flair. He hails from Chicago.

After much success at his lauded restaurant The Grape, Luscher branched out into Luscher’s Red Hots, sold at specialty markets and the like. Then he made plans for a brick-and-mortar place for his sausage to reign supreme. That place opens today in Deep Ellum, which is the new hotbed of all things delicious in Dallas.


As promised, here’s the menu at Luscher’s, open today in Deep Ellum:

luscher's menu deep ellum
Luscher's Daily Specials
Luscher’s Daily Specials

And here’s what I put in my mouth-hole when I snuck in and pretended to be a construction worker last Friday:

sammies fries & slaw
Sammies, Fries & Slaw
Greek Town Gyro at Luscher’s
EYE-talian Beef at Luscher's
EYE-talian Beef at Luscher’s
Green River lime soda available at Luscher's
Green River lime soda available at Luscher’s
Here's where you stuff your face at Luscher's
Here’s where you stuff your face at Luscher’s

Top three things that stand out about the menu: Quality, hand-crafted and local. Yes, it’s Chicago-style, but no it’s not like what you’d find anywhere else. It’s something entirely new, cross-bred with great care and brought here to Texas by Chef Luscher himself. Lucky us.

Here are a few more shots of the interior of the space. It’s looking good.

Next visit I plan to try Luscher’s burger, salad in a cup (because I’m into gimmicks?) and most definitely that Commerce Street Polish all-beef Kielbasa. Holy hell that sounds amazing. Maybe I’ll show up on a Friday for that intriguing-sounding smelt fry basket. Teensy fried fishes!


Luscher’s Deep Ellum  |  2653 Commerce Street  |

DISCLAIMER: Okay, so I wasn’t really pretending to be a construction worker. I was treated to this meal by chef Brian Luscher himself. So thanks Chef! Approx. value of said meal: $20. Y’all go get you some sausage now, y’hear? Show them Chicagoeans how we like to eat our sausage in Texas! No funny business!


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