TJ’s owner and chief fishmonger, Jon Alexis

Good news, fish fans: TJ’s HP/Oak Lawn Market & Grill has something pretty special happening on Sunday nights. At precisely 8:30, guests can sit down and hear owner Jon Alexis pontificate on oysters, seafood and shellfish, sip wines by the glass or the bottle, and order dollar oysters and half-price fish tacos. Consider your Sunday night MADE.

Last Sunday, we watched as nearby guests slurped these babies down, with accompanying sauces, lemons and some champagne to boot. The Food Bastard and I opted for the fish tacos, which are superb specimens at TJ’s. They come topped with a delicious slaw and accompanied by a house-made roasted tomato salsa that is killer spicy and burns so good. The type of fish varies, so come in and try them all. It’s a fabulous deal considering the normal price for two of these tacos is around $12 or $14. The half price deal means you can eat twice as many tacos, yes? YES.

And as for oysters, there are generally a number of varieties available to choose from, so if you’re into that sort of thing or are in need of a little Sunday night aphrodisiac, now you know where to get yours on the cheap.

If you decide to show up on Sunday, make sure you’re there right at 8:30, as the place tends to fill up.

You’re welcome, hungry people of Dallas.

TJ’s Fish Market & Grill  |  Shops of Highland Park  |

Slightly blurry oysters @ TJ’s
I can’t tell you just how good these are. It was dark; my apologies for the shitty photo quality.

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