Meat Fight is a homegrown event that’s all about the love of meat and helping to fight MS. The concept is strong, its supporters are fantastic and the chefs and judges involved are the tits. It’s all good at Meat Fight. No wonder it sold out in an hour and 20 minutes. If you weren’t lucky enough to snag a ticket to the fight, here’s what you missed on Sunday. And next year, let’s be on top of our ticket-grabbing games, okay?


The judges were on stage all day long, eating and being photographed, being photographed and eating.


This is the original Meat Fight banner. It hung downstairs at the silent auction, which contained a ton of really awesome things you could buy.


Just a reminder that this bitch doesn’t dig on swine, so brisket was the meat of the day for me. I actually think brisket is the king of BBQ meats, and I assume many of you would agree with me. It’s the ultimate expression of meat skill and smoking technique. Did I pay $50 to eat a few ounces of beef? Yeah but who cares. It’s about being there, and the donation to the National MS Society.


 The glitterati was in full force on Sunday. Moo and oink.


Choppin’ sausage. Seems like it should be a euphemism for something.


 Even though I missed participating in a PIE FIGHT this year, this cake was pretty genius. Black forest meringue layer cake. It had just a little crunch. Super good. But next year, I want to COMPETE! Hear me, Alice?


Pumpkin cheesecake. Between this, the pop star popsicle and the black forest layer cake, that was pretty much our lunch.


Fun fact: I work with the owner of Pop Star! The pumpkin popsicle I tried was Fall on a stick! Organic half and half makes it good. And yes, we had dessert first. What! We were hungry and in a total porkfest! Like I need to even defend myself.


Let’s get down to what counts. We were in the right place at the right time as The Grape’s Brian Luscher started manhandling his big brisket meats.


 Turns out waiting in line for pulled pork (that we weren’t going to eat) was a good strategy. I got the first taste of this meaty baby handed to me by Luscher on a scary serrated knife.


Meat porn.


The judges’ portion. Those lucky bastards.


Meat candy.


My second taste.


These dudes are Brothers in Brisket.


Perkins’ brisket technically won in the end, but I was a bigger fan of Luscher’s. Plus, I got Perkins’ meat jus in my hair. Ew.


Hobbs fearlessly leading team Cool Arrows.


Matt and Josh from FT33 were all smiles, handing out candied pork bellies all day like it was Meat Halloween.

Meat Fight is an event that’s easy to love. Who doesn’t like eating for a good cause? In the end, no, I did not fall prey to a meat coma, due to the aforementioned avoidance of all pork foods. But, it was a great time for a great cause and one I’ll forever support with my time, tweets and funds. Go MEAT FIGHT, GO! 

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