20130429-120848.jpgInside the teeny space that housed Watel’s Bistro, which before that housed the famous York Street restaurant, is a new Vietnamese spot created by Jeana Johnson and Colleen O’Hare.

It’s cool looking, the menu is small but mighty and there are cute little details like bamboo paper straws and little red monkey friends to hang out on your glass. Of freshly pressed juice. But what I liked best was that my chicken pho was effing delicious. Here’s what happened when we stopped in for lunch on a Friday.



The logo for MHB is printed at the bottom of the very stylish menus. Each place setting is sophisticated and simple, setting the stage for the meal to come.


The aforementioned bamboo straw with red monkey friend. The juice of the day was pear. It was fantastic!


Here’s the main event. In all honesty I’m not really one for pho, in fact I find most broth-based soups boring. But this soup, which I will admit took a bit of a long time to arrive at our table, was truly excellent. The flavors were rich and balanced, and the accompanying herbs (we requested they 86 the cilantro) were beautiful additions to the broth.


My Food Bastard ordered the vegetarian pho, and while it was a lot saltier than the chicken version, it had a completely different flavor. This vegetarian bowl was no afterthought.

20130429-121018.jpgOne last shot of my beautiful bowl. The chicken breast was clearly added just before serving. The kitchen waited just long enough for the chicken to cook perfectly through before delivering its goodness to my table. When I had eaten all of the noodles, chicken and vegetables, I took the broth home to enjoy later. Which I did. Thoroughly.

I’ve heard less-than-stellar reviews of the pho, but I have to say even though I’m far from a pho expert, I truly loved this bowl of comfort. I’ll be back again and again for more and more of this delicious soup.

Mot Hai Ba  |  6047 Lewis Street  |

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