I’m embarrassed about how long it took me to make it over to Meso Maya. I knew I’d like it. Maybe I was subconsciously angry at the place for taking over the space previously occupied by Chic from Barcelona, which was a unique dining establishment that I was a big fan of. But, after trying out Meso Maya, with it’s certainly upgraded decor and excellent Mexican dishes, the new place won me over. Aside from all the dreamy cafes con leche that I’ll surely miss, I’ve put Chic from Barcelona behind me.


First let’s discuss this uniquely tasty salsa. Distinctively devoid of cilantro, I loved this stuff. It was sweet, spicy and chunky. Sold. Their chips are strips of perfectly crispy tortilla and together, these two are just right. Right on, MM.


Once I spotted mole on the menu, I was sold. It’s no secret I’m forever on the hunt for delicious, nutty mole. Other menu items intrigued me for sure, but I stayed true to my mole and was rewarded. On the bone chicken draped with creamy brown mole sauce that was studded with a scatter of sesame seeds and accompanied by sweet plantains, queso fresco and crema, plus fluffy rice made for a big lunch I didn’t want to stop eating. And clearly a big sentence I didn’t want to stop typing.


The carne asada and enchiladas (pictured above) I tasted were excellent as well, though the enchiladas had a ton of vile weed cilantro. I’d go back again for their salads, cocktails and more of their entrees. This was clearly the first of many visits.

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