Dallas’ Restaurant Week has pros and cons. We’ve heard a lot about it, but my two cents is that a restaurant should participate only if it can dedicate staff, quality ingredients and service to the cause of impressing new and old customers during this weeks-long charitable event. If it can’t or won’t, it shouldn’t participate. But what about the donation? Donate without the hassle, I say. If you’re too good for RW, then we’re better off without you.

To get on the foodbitch-approved list for Restaurant Week, you must be awesome, a good value and not stupid.
Speaking of which, this is my official RW Shitlist. If you make reservations for RW at one of these, I’ll shake you.

Al Biernat’s (for obvious reasons.)


Grace (due to a mediocre previous RW experience.)


Hard Rock Cafe (Seriously?!)


Mr. G’s (Ahem — it’s at the AIRPORT.)


Saint Anne (Well Anne, you’re real pretty, but dealbreaker: your food is BAD.)



This is my official RW Sad List. If you make reservations at these, I will shake my head very disappointingly in your direction. Generally, these are either NOT fine dining, or NOT a good value at all.


Ferrari’s Italian Villa (It’s an overgrown Olive Garden. Less embarrassing, but not fine dining.)


Fogo De Chao (No, just NO. Shoving your face with unlimited bacon-wrapped meat is not fine dining.)


The Ranch at Las Colinas (The Ranch is not expensive enough to qualify, sorry.)


Rathbun’s Blue Plate Kitchen (Yes, it’s Rathbun, but it’s not pricey enough, and not fine dining)


Seasons 52 (I am sorry, but we do NOT diet during Restaurant Week.)


Saint Martin’s Wine Bistro (Sure, it’s expensive enough, but an awkward joint. There is much better to be had.)


Texas de Brazil (See Fogo above)


Whiskey Cake (Not expensive enough by FAR. Good though, go get the OMG burger.)


Wild Salsa (How do you say “meh” in Spanish? Not fine dining.)


YO Ranch Steakhouse (…is the same as Love and War in Texas, no? Again, not fine dining.)



That’s it. No, I did not mince words. Please ignore the above during Restaurant Week, for they are not worthy.



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