Happy National Pie Day, everyone!

Today, because I promised everyone I would, I ventured south to Bishop Arts to stuff my face with pie, for the sake of this here blog. You’re welcome.

I assume you all have already had some pie today, and if so, you will likely compare the following photos to the pies you yourself enjoyed thus far. Be my guest. I am confident in my pie-choosing abilities. If you haven’t yet had your pie today, please do so before the day is up. You still have dinner and dessert and late night snack to make it happen.

Here’s what went down at Emporium Pies, in photo form. Grab a tissue to catch your drool.

Special National Pie Day banner and balloon decor
Inside, the staff wore party hats because they’re so damn cute
Today’s special menu (left) contained pot pies and quiches
I chose a slice each of chicken pot pie and “snowball,” or coconut cream pie
The Snowball is Emporium Pies’ version of coconut cream
The chicken pot pie was killer
This was a friend’s chorizo and goat cheese quiche
The Cloud 9, enjoyed by another friend of mine, is a personal favorite
A pork-filled version of the pot pie was a hit as well


Emporium Pies  |  314 N. Bishop  |



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