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Tim Gunn endorsement from food bitch on Vimeo.

So embarrassing. I totally shot this video vertically like a n00b. In my defense, I was out-of-my-mind excited to meet Tim and trying not to pee my pants at the same time. This turned me into an old person, apparently.

And now that we’ve all seen and heard the official Tim Gunn endorsement of foodbitch, we can move on.

Screen Shot 2014-04-03 at 11.25.31 AMThe folks at Nespresso invited me and some other media folk out to check out their new store inside Northpark Center Mall on Tuesday. I realized that morning that Tim Gunn was in town to celebrate the grand opening and therefore I might actually get a chance to meet him.

The last time I was invited to a media event by Nespresso, I joined about 30 other bloggers and various media-types at Private | Social (may she rest in peace). We ate food inspired by coffee, drank cocktails spiked with Nespresso, met Padma and walked out with over $500 worth of incredible Nespresso swag including a Pixie machine, pods, a milk frother and branded glassware and silverware. I thought that was pretty damn cool of Nespresso.

Honestly, I hadn’t tried Nespresso prior to that event two years ago, because I hadn’t really had the opportunity to do so. I had tried other automatic/one-cup/pushbutton brewers before, like a Keurig, and figured that while Nespresso machines are much more style-focused, they’re all pretty much the same. I was so very wrong.

I often go on a lil diatribe about how coffee is okay but espresso is the shiiiiiz. I’m a dark roast, fresh ground, French press fan when it comes to coffee. So to me, Starbucks coffee is like Drano, but their espresso drinks do the job, in a pinch. But my Nespresso completely dressed up my morning routine. I adore being able to have a perfect cup of espresso any time I want. And the price is nice; 60-70 cents a shot sounds great. And for the coffee snobs out there, I really do love my morning Nespresso as much as I’d love a cappuccino from your fancy place. But this is easier and much less expensive, even if I had purchased the machine myself. A full-blown espresso machine, besides being far more expensive than my Nespresso, would likely gather dust and rust because I’m a bit too lazy for all that prep, cleanup and maintenance.

All this is to say, they won me over hard. Freebies or not, I’m a Nespresso girl fo life.

The VertuoLine itself, being demonstrated in-store
The VertuoLine itself, being demonstrated in-store

Fast forward to this past Tuesday. I thought maybe Tim would be at the store, but didn’t really know for sure. I thought maybe they’d give us some more awesome swag but certainly didn’t expect it. Well, it turns out I got both. Tim was there to do some interviews with bloggers and talk about Nespresso’s new VertuoLine, which uses different pods and a high-tech barcode system to create full-cup coffee drinks as well as espresso. They call it #TheCoffeeRevolution. It’s pretty cool, and it’s pretty… well…pretty. And the crema on this thing is intimidating.

Let’s just state the obvious here: Tim Gunn > Padma Lakshmi. Times a million. No offense, Padma, but Tim is the embodiment of good taste and impeccable style, just like the Nespresso brand. Style + Taste = Nespresso. Truth.

Tim Gunn and you know who

Meeting Tim was pretty incredible. He’s got such a sincerely caring personality, and he really devotes his full attention to your conversation. He held my hands and said “Oh YOU’RE the foodbitch?! I saw that on the guest list and thought, ‘Who is this foodbitch?'” Yeah, I get that a lot. Then we talked about where he ate while here (staying at the Mansion, he ate at the Mansion, not surprisingly). I told him next time, since he told me he loves shellfish, to stop by Spoon for some of the best. Then he recorded that little gem of a video endorsement you saw up top. I accidentally cut him off befoe he could say, “…and she’s just adorable!” in his just adorable voice. Love him. Day = made.

This morning, a beautiful silver VertuoLine Nespresso machine arrived on my doorstep. I cannot wait to use it and will update soon with a lil video action, so stay tuned. HUGE thanks again to the folks at Nespresso and their PR team at Weber Shandwick for making sure I’m still a fan. Oh hell yes.

NOTE:¬†This was a media-only, free event with food and drinks provided by Nespresso. Attendees were sent a Nespresso VertuoLine (retail price $299) and Tim Gunn is a paid celebrity endorser. I didn’t have to pay him to endorse me though.¬†

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