Ask me about the last time I went out drinking in Uptown and I might shudder a little. It’s admittedly not my scene. That’s fine; plenty of work to be done for all of us, right? So when Next Door was hosting a media dinner, I came out to check it out, but without, let’s say, the highest of expectations. I’m just being honest here. I lived in Uptown for five years myself, right out of college, so I’ve been in the thick of it. And I’m not itching to go back there usually. But Next Door surprised me in a few key ways.

Next Door is good looking.

From an abundance of knockers (the kind that go on doors, not chests. Though, Next Door boasts plenty of both sorts) to bright green foliage and a wall of speakers, there’s a lot to look at at Next Door. It’s not a greasy spoon, nor is it too flashy. It’s both modern and easy on the eyes.

Next Door has a menu of surprisingly creative cuisine.

Next Door could just serve typical bar food. Or a bunch of fried crap. Or whatever goes best with beer and wine and whatever cocktails folks are into these days. But instead there’s a chef with actual thought and a menu and actual dishes like pasta and adorable apps like tomato soup dumplings. Yeah, those.

Next Door shakes out some damn delicious cocktails.

There’s an excellent peach fall cocktail that tastes like cobbler in a glass. There’s a beautiful pineapple habañero margarita. There’s even a refreshing AF cucumber-mint situation that I could drink all damn day. These are not typical.

  • Next Door has a gorgeous outdoor space.

    This greenery is green. Perfect for selfies, group pics and pretending you are not in the middle of an otherwise concrete jungle.

    Next Door still has some Uptown spirit, though.

There may or may not be some weird shit that goes on at Next Door at brunch. I’m not exactly sure what sort of thing, but if you head over there, and you’re into weird brunches, I’m told they’ll take care of you. It’s still Uptown, after all. Cheers!

Next Door // 2908 McKinney Avenue //

NOTE: The images above were taken by me at a group media dinner held at Next Door. Thus, I did not pay for any of the food or drinks reviewed. I always give my 100% honest opinions, however!

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