Neighborhood Services chef Nick Badovinus has hit one out of the park with his new Off-Site Kitchen on Irving Boulevard.


Off-Site looks kinda plain and unassuming from the outside. It might be a hardware store. The parking isn’t great but if you don’t mind off-roading it out back you’ll be rewarded with cheap, unfancy deliciousness. The menu is drool-inducing. The drinks are plentiful and throwbackfull. The seating is limited, but make friends and sit with other hungry folks and you’ll be just fine.


I think what I love most about Off-Site is the abundance of choices that make you feel like a kid at recess, rather than an adult on their lunch break. Twinkies, Gatorade, ridiculously bad-for-you-sounding food options and more made me giggle in line. We ended up choosing four things to try and splitting ’em.


Tab and Squirt are among the canned beverage choices.


Yup. That’s fucking TANG, people!


Whoever this Murph is, he knows what he’s doing.


Orders come out super quick, and disappear in your mouth even quicker. This shit is good. My friend and I shared fries ($1.50), 57 Thousand cole slaw ($1) a cheeseburger and a brisket sandwich. My half of the bill, including a cup holder-busting $2 beverage of my choice, was $7.31. That’s a fast, cheap, good lunch. We got there at noon and got up to head out at 12:40.


The brisket sandwich and skin-on (right on!) fries.


Crispy bun. Simple prep, smallish size and just perfect.


One of two slaw choices. Perhaps the other is vinegar-based?


The patio. Soon to be too hot, so you’ll have to get your goodness to go.

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