Foodbitch Fave #1: Sushi on McKinney

I’m loyal with a capital “L” when it comes to sushi. Sushi on McKinney in uptown has seen good times and bad, and even that time they were completely gone for like a year. But through it all it emerged my favorite, rating highest in a winning combination of value, staff, quality and taste.


The Ahi Special, no crawfish, on a plate rather than in the martini glass it usually comes in.


Tuna, yellowtail and fresh salmon sushi on the left, fresh salmon and red snapper spicy pressed sushi on the right.


Fresh salmon/avocado roll.


The Robb Roll.

If you’ve tried Sushi on McKinney before and weren’t sold, let me suggest you try them again. Tell them Rah-shayllllll sent you. I’ll be there tonight (otherwise known at my house as Sushi Monday) celebrating International Sushi Day, and yeah I’m the effing mayor.

Order like a foodbitch: Spicy Pressed Sushi, Robb Roll (hold the cream cheese), Ahi Special (sans crawfish for us), Mushroom Sushi, Fresh Salmon Avocado Roll.


Foodbitch Fave #2: Mister Sushi

Mister Sushi is a CLASSIC. It’s been around forever and you can tell, in a really good way.


First things first. Ask for Jennifer. She’s the best.


Second, bring a group and order enough to get a boat. Then everyone will look at you and gasp and you can be like “Fuck yeah, I’m eating all this!” It’s fun. I do it once a month, roughly.


Third: It’s your birthday. Trust me. They sing and bang gongs and beat drums and give you the best rum cake of your life. Happy birthday!!


Order like a foodbitch: Hole In One Roll, Spicy Tuna Hand Roll, Yellowtail Crunch Roll (off menu, but Jennifer will know what you mean), Mrs. Sushi Roll (veggie tempura — the best all-veg roll out there), and their ginger salad (pictured above right). Seriously, all other sushi restaurants should take note. Mr. Sushi has THE best ginger dressing in town, hands down.

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