No joke: I was just saying to my stomach the other day that there’s good Mex-Mex in North Dallas (Meso Maya) and good Mex-Mex in the O.C. (Mesa Veracruz), but both are a decent jaunt from my East Dallas ‘hood. “We (my stomach and I) neeeeeed some fancy-ish Mex-Mex in East Dallas!” And like the (possible) answer to my prayers, I get word of a new Mex-Mex place opening up less than three miles from my house. Win-win.

Here’s some info from the press release:

“Peak & Elm will specialize in contemporary Mexican cuisine with a creative twist. Fresh, local ingredients will be used. Menu will consist of simple dishes full of flavor and soul. A full bar featuring Texas beers and custom P&E cocktails are highlights.”

“Peak & Elm’s creatively- driven menu will change seasonally. Authentic Mex-Mex cuisine is the focus. Although chips and salsa will be available on the menu, they won’t be served as an appetizer as traditionally done by Tex-Mex restaurants. Instead, Peak & Elm will serve a ”Crudito” or palette cleanser, which will ensure that all diners taste the amazing flavors in their dishes.”

“The Moreno family of restaurants will now boast three locations in the metroplex – the original East Dallas La Popular Tamale House at 5004 Columbia Avenue and at the Dallas Farmers Market and now Peak & Elm in the New East Elm neighborhood. Current favorites on La Popular’s menu include the restaurant’s handmade tortillas, which were dubbed “The Best in Texas” by Texas Monthly.”

Also, tamales. Yes.

Peak & Elm (coming in Feb. ’13) | 132. North Peak Street

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