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Happy Sneak Peek Monday, y’all!

Lemme peep that meat!” is something you might want to shout right about now. If you’re me. Okay, I’ll settle down. But did you see the menu? Here’s a somewhat unofficial Henry’s Majestic Menu Sneak Peek for you. Take a look. I’ll wait…

So today was Columbus Day, and since Columbus was kind of an asshole let’s just pretend he died so that we could one day partake in cured meats and cheeses at a majestic place named after someone named Henry. America?

Henry’s Majestic, which is opening October 21 for dinner and brunch on weekends, features charcuterie from Meat Parlour and a bang-up menu. The chef is Chef Roe from Hell’s Kitchen fame, and the people behind it are of the Breadwinners variety.

Let’s talk menu standouts:

  • Cured meats and cheeses (featuring meats from the Meat Parlour folks). Because cheese boards are SO HOT RIGHT NOW but don’t you dare forget the meat.
  • Maple bourbon meatballs. That’s right.
  • House-made onion dip. For dinner.
  • Texas Pho. I don’t know what that is but I want it.
  • Henry’s marrow spiked burger. Holy shitballs.

I feel like I should be listing what I’m not interested in, because that would be a much shorter list. Anyway, I’ll be tasting some of these things this weekend in preparation, so keep your eyes peeled for my grams, tweets and facebook food porn posts. Perhaps bring a tissue.

Fingers crossed the dreaded Curse Of The Boom Boom Room doesn’t claim another victim in this space, at least until I’ve eaten all the roasted mushroom arancini and peppered pastrami reubens I can.


Henry’s Majestic | 4900 McKinney at Monticello |

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