This is me: a foodbitch x Pier 1 Collab

Pier 1 home, photo by foodbitch

When the folks at Pier 1 came to me wanting to collaborate, I was excited because: A) I love shopping, and B) I enjoy a challenge, and C) a collaboration with a lifestyle brand feels pretty big-time for a blogger.

But when I saw their new ad campaign, as a former ad agency full-timer, I got chills. I loved the visuals, the bold copy (I mean, what copywriter doesn’t love that?) and just the aspirational tone of it all.

This is me.
It’s like a prompt for an essay where the topic is your home, and the words are all the things you fill it with.

I’m reminded of the philosophy called KonMari. The idea is that you only have things in your home that spark joy. Well, as a mom of twins, I’d say that philosophy is pretty difficult to put into practice, but, I will also say that it’s a good idea to keep in mind while shopping for non-necessities for your home. If every time you see the item, it sparks joy, you’ve made a good choice. (I suppose that’s why I’ll keep my children around.)

When I made my shopping trip to Pier 1, I gravitated toward the Magnolia Home collection, because of its bold black-and-white colors and clean design. Kids can create so much clutter just in their existence (sorry, it’s true), that I tend to choose simple decor for myself and my home. Clean, white walls, natural woods, and mixed metals. I was looking to create a placesetting or tablescape, because as a food blogger I spend a lot of my time and energy on food. But damn if I didn’t want all the rugs and pillows! I had to focus.

After playing with some llamas and tassels and pompoms (because it was almost Cinco de Mayo and how could I not?), and toying with the idea of a marble print bowl and plate set, I settled on these black-and-white plaid print bowls and plates from Magnolia, big magnolia flower napkin rings, black-and-white checked napkins, a matte black water pitcher and a large, creamy white porcelain platter. This is me, after all. Pretty classic, with a bit of fun thrown in.


Looks pretty good huh? I’m a big online shopper, personally. But I really enjoyed browsing around in-store in Highland Park at the store on Lovers Lane and in Lakewood at the Medallion Center store. Visit a Pier 1 near you to experience a “This is me” moment yourself. I can’t wait to see what you come up with!

Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by Pier 1. I was paid to share this original content with you all, and I was given a gift card to purchase items from my Pier 1 store. That said, I really enjoyed this project and love that the Pier 1 brand is headquartered here in the Dallas area! This post also includes affiliate links.

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