The day before POP Diner opened its doors, I popped in to check the place out. I met the owner who was extremely friendly considering he’s been away from his family for weeks and he’s about to possibly never sleep again. He told me all about how POP got started and he let me snap some photos for you to check out. Here are the quick hits: 24-hour American-style, 80’s & 90’s-themed diner. Across the street from the West Village and most importantly, The Loon. Menu items like sweet cream pancakes, chili dogs (lots of things imported from the owner’s home city of Detroit), rueben sandwiches, omelets and adult milkshakes. Bar open 7am to 2am daily. Ring Pop martinis. Pop Rocks martinis. Holy hell.

I don’t think anything has ever made me wish so hard that I was back in college again. But there you have it.

POP Diner is located between the Chase bank and MAX’s Wine Dive, on McKinney just north of Lemmon.

And now, for the pics.

The facade that pops
Fabulous 80’s and 90’s pop art — and it’s all for sale!
Probably my favorite thing on the wall…
Okay, so it’s my second favorite thing on the wall…

Cuteness by the ATM
Jam box spotting!
Two lonely chili dogs just waiting for you to eat them

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