“Winter Break,” AKA The Time Off I Give Myself Using Up Every Last Bit Of Whatever Vacation Time I Have Left By The End Of The Year, is a time of rest, relaxation, and apparently procrastination when it comes to catching up on this here blog. So I’m instituting a new type of post, called a Quick Bite, which as you can imagine gives you a foodbitch thumbs up or thumbs down in a quick-read style. Ready? GO!

Tonight, my Food Bastard and I ventured out into the 30-degree cold to the restaurant-fertile Preston Center to give GRIP a try. He got the chicken wrap with everything but the pickled turnips, while I went for the gyro, loaded up nearly the same way. I skipped the pickles because I’m pickle-picky and wanted to avoid them, just in case, lest they pickle-fuck-up my entire wrap. I also got a side of tabouli to counteract the meatiness of the gyro’s lamb/beef combo.

GRIP Mediterranean: Thumbs up.

Why: extremely fresh, good quality ingredients, price point, size of wraps, taste and speed.

My only con is that they don’t bake their own pita/wrap thingies. I will let it slide because of the above.

Veggie/cheese bar at GRIP
GRIP: sides, dips, dolmas
My gyro wrap ($7), tabouli salad ($3)
Pro tip: Leave some of the wrapper on, to aid in consumption of giant GYROBURRITO

 GRIP Mediterranean  |  6030 Luther Lane #140  |

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