Well, well, well. It seems that Mockingbird Station has lost one Mexican restaurant and gained another. There’s more to the story, but as a casual consumer of fajitas and whatnot that may be just all you need to know. Margarita Ranch is gone and has been for a while now, and now Cafe Herrera, from the same family that brought you Herrara’s, sits redesigned and simpler in its place. I stopped in for lunch and gave it a shot.


Chips, salsa and beans! Do I even need to order? Yes, because I don’t dig on swine and this soup was full of it, but a normal person might be able to make due on a salad or a taco after all that. Just saying, it could be a cheap ass lunch this way. Your call.


The cocktail menu had me intrigued for sure. The Naranja in particular. I like me some tequila (obvi), and the citrusy combo of orange-flavored liquor, lime juice and blood orange puree got my mouth watering. Too bad it was lunch and I have a day job.


Since I had a rather food-eventful week just prior to this meal, I opted to enjoy a lighter option: portabello mushroom tacos. These were tasty, I mean, just look at the thickness of those tortillas! They came with rice and I ordered some refried beans as well. Both were typical of your average Tex-Mex spot.


All told, Cafe Herrera is a low-key, pretty spot to have a typical Tex-Mex lunch. Perhaps you’d like more choices? Head to Gloria’s. Cheaper? Hit a taco stand someplace. But this is a people-pleaser, with simple options for lunch or dinner. 

Apps: $4-$12
Entrees: $10-$16
Lunch: $8-$11
Cocktails: $8-10
Beer/Margs: $4-6

Cafe Herrera  |  Mockingbird Station  |


And if you’ve made it this far into the post you deserve a short story. The first time I ever went to Herrera’s (on Maple) was when I was drunk off my ass at Grapevine. That was the best drunk eating I’d had in years. And there was a big group of us at a long table at night. T’was glorious. That is all.

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