Big thanks to @awolAD for snapping these pics with his iPhone 4. Mine would have been sad and dark. Just another reason why I need to upgrade ASAP!

DISH was good this time around, but not as good as our first trip. Our group had a 7:30 reservation and we were seated promptly. Our free appetizer (thanks, @foursquare!) was good, but we only were given one for the table even though the app didn't say anything about a limit, just about an entree purchase. But we kept our cool about it.

Salads and apps were good. Love the martini salad. It comes out in a giant shaker and is tossed right there at your table. James Bond-style. I had the Caesar and it was solid.

The entrees were good for the most part. My husband and I each tried one of the fish specials. Mine was the panko-crusted halibut (pictured); he ordered the seared tuna. I was the clear winner between us, with a flaky fish with a little crunch in each bite. My tiny, sliced veggies were damn cute, too. The tomato-y goodness they mingled with was awesome. His tuna, however, looked horrid (as tuna sometimes does). It was a slab of unseasoned grey upon a tasty corn puree with spinach and mushrooms. This solidified my totally unprofessional opinion that tuna should be only served raw or marinated. It needs to soak in a vinegar or citrus to hold any flavor. It's almost like cooking it seals out the flavor. Sushi, ceviche or nothing. At least for me.

Our other table mates had some steak, some pork and the burger. As the burger was closest to me, I saw quite a show. There are a few burgers on the menu, but this one happened to be a large and majestic animal complete with a fried egg on top. And it's served with pate. Now, this diner ordered his on the side, since the idea of liver offends him. Luckily for me, my tastes are quite the opposite. I snatched up and ate that pate with a fork. It was borderline inappropriate, I can't lie. My apologies to my fellow guests.

On to dessert: We all ordered the banana menagerie. It was banana cake with bruleed banana slices and delicious salted caramel ice cream. We were silent and our plates were clean all around in under 5 minutes flat. The meal ended with some jelly beans being presented to us. Odd, but playful.

Also of note: The pomegranate mojito. Tasty.

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