Hello and welcome, all you wild saints out there. How do you know if you’re a wild saint? Well, are you up for new experiences? For trying something new? For a little egg white in your cocktail? Maybe start there and the bravery for the rest of it is sure to come.

At San Salvaje by Chef Stephan Pyles, the flavors are decidedly Latin in spirit, but they somehow manage to taste familiar in a way that comforts and pleases. Begin with a cocktail at the restaurant’s beautiful bar and then step into the dining room.

The Pisco Margarita


The cocktails list is mostly made up of rum, tequila and Pisco-based drinks. Don’t fight it; enjoy a little Latin tiki. My recommendation? The hot pink and vibrantly flavorful Pink Guava Caipirinha. Wowza.

Crab Arepa, South Texas Grapefruit


Wild Mushroom-Huitlacoche Empanada, Guava
Smoked Duck Tacos, Rhubarb Salsa
Sweet Corn Humita, Lobster, Avocado
Yellow Fin Tuna Ceviche, Kaffir, Young Coconut
Modern Ropa Vieja, Plantains, Black Beans & Rice
Alfajore Torte, Dulce de Leche


I mean seriously. Go with a friend or more and just try everything. I wasn’t disappointed by anything on my third visit to San Salvaje. The first was an elegant media event, followed by a strong showing at Restaurant Week 2014. If it sounds good, try it. If it sounds odd, try it anyway. Be wild. Dance on the patio. Taste some adventure!


San Salvaje by Stephan Pyles  |  2100 Ross  |


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